The following persons have maintained this release of JASSPA's MicroEmacs over the last decade, roughly in the order of participation. This list represents the main developers:-

Additional contributions have been made as follows, in alphabetic order:-

Thanks to everybody else that has used and abused it locally feeding back comments and preferences, wishes and desires.

And Finally....

Answers to those burning questions that people ask from time to time ...

Where does the name JASSPA come from ?

The current maintainers initials mixed up, padded out to make words, short listed and searched on the WWW to find a unique name. This process took approximately 2 months.

How was the JASSPA logo derived ?

logo The logo was derived from the program initials Me. Given the limited number of pixels available in an icon then the 'e' was superimposed in the center of the 'M'. With some further refinement the legs of the 'M' were later lost leaving a triangular shape - this was then adopted as the iconic outline. The colored lines at the top and bottom portray the visual appearance of a JASSPA's MicroEmacs from afar when viewing an X-term running me within an X-Windows environment. The blue line representing the window header color (that I use), the red line representing the MicroEmacs mode bar; the screen was typically black with white or yellow characters. The icon was incrementally refined over a period of approximately 6 months.