Supported Platforms

The following table identifies the makefiles that are included in the source distribution and the currently officially supported platforms

Platform Makefile Description
Cygwin cygwin.gmk (GNU) Cygwin environment on MS-Windows
Darwin darwin.gmk Darwin (Mac OS X) using gcc
DOS dosdj.mak
FreeBSD freebsd.gmk (GNU) Free BSD
HPUX 9.x hpux9.mak (native)
hpux9.gmk (GNU)
Hewlett Packard [UNIX]
(Use this for HPUX 10 - 10.10)
HPUX 10.20+ hpux10.mak (native)
hpux10.gmk (GNU)
Hewlett Packard [UNIX]
HPUX 11 hpux11.mak (native)
hpux11.gmk (GNU)
Hewlett Packard [UNIX]
IBM AIX 4.x aix4.mak (native)
aix4.gmk (GNU)
IBM AIX 5.x aix5.mak (native)
aix5.gmk (GNU)
IRIX 5.x irix5.mak (native)
irix5.gmk (GNU)
Silicon Graphics IRIS [UNIX]
IRIX 6.x irix6.mak (native)
irix6.gmk (GNU)
Silicon Graphics IRIS [UNIX]
Linux linux2.gmk (GNU) Linux Version 2.0.x/2.2.x/2.4.x
Linux linux26.gmk (GNU) Linux Version 2.6.x 32-bit and 64-bit
NeXTstep openstep.gmk (GNU) Openstep 4.2 (BSD/Termcap)
OSF1 osf1.gmk OSF1 using gcc
OpenBSD openbsd.gmk (GNU) Open BSD
Openstep openstep.mak Openstep 4.2 on NeXT Motorola 040
SunOS 5.5 (Solaris) sunos55.mak (native)
sunos55.gmk (GNU)
Sun Microsystems Solaris [UNIX - Sparc platform]
SunOS 2.6/7/8/9/10 (Solaris) sunos56.mak (native)
sunos56.gmk (GNU)
Sun Microsystems Solaris [UNIX - Sparc platform]
SunOS 2.6/7/8/9/10 (Intel Solaris) sunosx86.gmk (GNU) Sun Microsystems Solaris [UNIX - Intel platform]
UnixWare Not supplied Unixware [Build with -D_UNIXWR1]
Windows '95/'98/NT/2K/XP win32v2.mak Microsoft Developer Studio V2.0
Windows '95/'98/NT/2K/XP win32v5.mak Microsoft Developer Studio V5.0
Windows '95/'98/NT/2K/XP win32v6.mak Microsoft Developer Studio V6.0
MS-DEV Studio project also supplied
Windows '95/'98/NT/2K/XP win32bc.mak Borland 'C' 32-bit Windows
Windows '95/'98/NT/2K/XP win32b55.mak Borland 'C' 5.5 32-bit Windows (free download)
Windows 3.x (win32s) win32sv2.mak Microsoft Developer Studio V2.0
Windows 3.x (win32s) win32sv4.mak Microsoft Developer Studio V4.0
Windows '95/'98/NT/2K/XP mingw.gmk
MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows
Zaurus zaurus.gmk Zaurus running Linux v2.x using gcc

Window Manager Mode Support

Window manager support is available on the following platforms:-

Platform Windowing Support
UNIX/Linux Native X-Windows and Terminal modes
Apple MAC X-Windows and Terminal modes
Cygwin Terminal and X-Windows modes
DOS Console mode only
Windows '95/'98/NT/2K/XP Window and Console modes
Windows 3.11 (win32s) Window mode; use DOS for console.