Welcome to www.jasspa.com, the web site for the distribution of JASSPA's MicroEmacs.

This site first appeared on-line on 12th January 2000.

Jasspa's MicroEmacs is an Emacs editor biased towards UNIX users, working across platforms by providing a consistent interface under UNIX, Microsoft Windows 3.1/'95/'98/NT/2K/XP/Vista and DOS operating systems.
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Oct 2009 (2009.10.11) is the latest stable release. You can download the source and/or binaries from this site:
Download 2009.10

Dec 2009 (2009.12.12) Zero Install / Standalone is an early access build which provides a fully featured JASSPA MicroEmacs in a single executable image which may be run without any sort of installation. This is ideal if you just require a running version of MicroEmacs on a system with no installation issues. You can download the source and/or binaries from this site:
Zero Install

Leading Edge this area contains any latest development snapshot. We do not guarantee the reliability of the latest development snapshot but it will generally be stable if it has been made available.
Download development material and beta versions.

Jasspa's MicroEmacs now licensed under GPL.

As of January 2002 Jasspa's MicroEmacs is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Special thanks to Danial M. Lawrence, the original author and copyright holder of MicroEmacs, for granting us permission to change the licensing terms of our distribution.

NanoEmacs, a minimal version of JASSPA's MicroEmacs is now available in the latest release.
Download 2006.09

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Quick Links

www.microemacs.de MicroEmacs site in Germany - for documentation, tools and information.
http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/ UNIX tools for Windows (grep, diff, find etc.)
www.aquest.com - MicroEmacs Home (Danial Lawrence)
http://www.mingw.org - Microsoft Windows POSIX compatible environment.
http://jamesie.de/microemacs/index.en.html - Quick reference card for JASSPA MicroEmacs + Linux packages.

Other information on this site

Ciseco Resources - xrftool command line tool for Ciseco XRF devices
OpenIndiana - Small System Server Build notes
serialGLCD - Sparkfun serial Graphical LCD backpack firmware patch.