Download Overview

The source and binaries may be downloaded directly from this site. In addition spelling dictionaries are available, these are rather large and are downloaded separately.

Latest - October 2009 (20091011)

October 2009 (20091011) is the latest release.
You can download the source and/or binaries from this site.
Download 10.2009
The actual release directory is here.

Previous - September 2006 (20060909)

September 2006 is the last release.
You can download the source and/or binaries from this site.
Download 09.2006

Leading Edge

Leading Edge this is the very latest development snapshot. We do not guarantee the reliability of the latest development snapshot but it will generally be stable if it has been made available.
Download the very latest snapshot.

Transition to GNU General Public License (GPL)

Following the transition to GPL, in January 2002, then JASSPA are no longer supporting or distributing pre-GPL licensed versions of the distribution. Existing users upgrading from 2001 (or older) versions of the distribution should download the base release in addition to the spelling dictionaries.

Using Winzip in Microsoft Windows Environments

When using utilities such as Winzip to unpack tarballs (files with the extension xxx.tar.gz) destined for a UNIX environment then it is strongly suggested that the TAR file smart CR/LF conversion option is disabled. This option is located in the Options/Configuration/Miscellaneous menu. Disabling this option prevents the end of line file conversion. JASSPA's MicroEmacs will operate on, and maintain, the line endings of Windows or UNIX files on either platform.


For security reasons, this site supports download via HTTP protocols only.