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CSW Sun Solaris packages are now available from Community SoftWare (CSW) including the spelling dictionaries. e.g.

pkg-get install jasspame - Main package (executable + macros)
pkg-get install jasspameenus - US Spelling dictionary
pkg-get install jasspamefifi - Finnish Spelling dictionary

For GNOME integration when the CSW applications directory is not monitored then perform the following operation post installation:
ln -s /opt/csw/share/applications/jasspa-microemacs.desktop /usr/share/applications/jasspa-microemacs.desktop

jasspa-me-SunOS5.8-sparc-20090909.pkg.gz Sun Solaris (sparc) 8 package (also for 9).
jasspa-me-SunOS5.10-sparc-20090909.pkg.gz Sun Solaris (sparc) 10 package.
jasspa-me-SunOS5.8-i386-20090909.pkg.gz Sun Solaris (i386) 8 package (also for 9).
jasspa-me-SunOS5.10-i386-20090909.pkg.gz Sun Solaris (i386) 10 package.
jasspa-dede-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz German spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-engb-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz English (British) spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-enus-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz English (American) spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-eses-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz Spanish spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-fifi-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz Finnish spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-frfr-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz French spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-itit-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz Italian spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-plpl-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz Polish spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-ptpt-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz Portuguese spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-ruye-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz Russian (YE) spelling dictionary package.
jasspa-ruyo-SunOS-all-20090909.pkg.gz Russian (YO) spelling dictionary package.

Package Installation

Unpack, and as root run the command pkgadd -d jasspa-me-*.pkg which installs in /opt/jasspa

Package Removal

As root run the command pkgrm jasspame


Small foot print version of JASSPA MicroEmacs. Runs without macro files.

Optional - Small foot print MicroEmacs may be run with no configuration files. This component may be built from the standard source. Use these binaries to give you Emacs on a box via a floppy with no configuration files.
jasspa-ne-SunOS5.8-sparc-20090909.gz Sun Solaris 8 (SPARC) - NanoEmacs console version.
jasspa-ne-SunOS5.10-sparc-20090909.gz Sun Solaris 10 (SPARC) - NanoEmacs console version.
jasspa-ne-SunOS5.8-i386-20090909.gz Sun Solaris 8 (i386) - NanoEmacs console version.
jasspa-ne-SunOS5.10-i386-20090909.gz Sun Solaris 10 (i386) - NanoEmacs console version.


Component Install

Component download for the Solaris platform. To install:

Optional Components - Selection of miscellaneous items.
jasspame.pdf JASSPA MicroEmacs Quick Start Guide.
jasspa-me-SunOS5.8-sparc-20090909.gz Sun Solaris 8 (sparc) pre-built executable only.
Will also require memacros or metree to run.
jasspa-me-SunOS5.10-sparc-20090909.gz Sun Solaris 10 (sparc) pre-built executable only.
Will also require memacros or metree to run.
jasspa-me-SunOS5.8-i386-20090909.gz Sun Solaris 8 (i386) pre-built executable only.
Will also require metree to run.
jasspa-me-SunOS5.10-i386-20090909.gz Sun Solaris 10 (i386) pre-built executable only.
Will also require metree to run.
Pre-built macros tree for installation, includes macros and help information.

System Wide Component Installation

As root, unpack metree which creates a directory tree called jasspa and install into a suitable directory, typically /opt or /usr/local i.e.

  cd /opt
  gtar zxvf /path-to-tarball/jasspa-metree-yyyymmdd.tar.gz

The directory /opt/jasspa should now exist. Add downloaded spelling dictionaries by unpacking into the /opt/jasspa/spell subdirectory.

Create a new directory in the jasspa tree to hold the binary. Unpack the binary into the new directory.

  cd /opt/jasspa
  mkdir bin
  cd bin
  gunzip -c /path-to-tarball/jasspa-me-sun-ppp-mm.nn-yyyymmdd.gz > me
  chmod a+rx me

Change your path to include the executable (ideally edit /etc/profile for system wide change) or locally by editing the .profile or .cshrc files i.e.

  # Set up JASSPA Microemacs
  if [ -d /opt/jasspa/bin ] ; then
  export PATH

Logout and back in, installation is complete and you may now execute your favorite editor me.

Single User Component Installation

Unpack metree in your home directory, this generates a directory tree called jasspa. Once unpacked then rename the directory to .jasspa.

  cd ~
  gtar zxvf /path-to-tarball/jasspa-metree-yyyymmdd.tar.gz
  mv jasspa .jasspa

Add downloaded spelling dictionaries by unpacking into the ~/.jasspa/spell subdirectory.

Install the binary into your local binary directory - we assume ~/bin i.e.

  cd ~/bin
  gunzip -c /path-to-tarball/jasspa-me-sun-ppp-mm.nn-yyyymmdd.gz > me
  chmod a+rx me

Assuming that the binary directory is already on the users path then the installation is complete.

Now execute your favorite editor me and follow the instructions on setting up your environment.


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