Alt Serial Graphics LCD 128x64 & 160x128

This resource is a re-write of the Jennifer Holt's serialGLCD library for the Sparkfun serial Graphic LCD Backpack that supports both the small (128x64) and large (160x128) screen versions. The same firmware may be used for both screens. The drivers for both are significantly different from both the Jennifer Holt and Sparkfun original libraries in that the chip specifications for both the KS0108B and TS6963 are followed which significantly improves performance.

The bundle includes the firmware and GLCD library for the Arduino that manages Software Serial flow control.

Details of the library, firmware and details of programming the backpack are documented in the PDF documentation

Jon Green 2015-05-08 / E-mail jon at this site address.


serialGLCD Fixes [Depricated]

This resource is a fix for Jennifer Holt's serialGLCD library for the Sparkfun serial Graphic LCD Backpack. The original distribution is on SourceForge

This is a modified version version of the original code that includes a fix for the bitblt operation which was not handling bitblt operations with less than 8 rows which would cause screen corruption. This also affected the filled box draw and erase box operations. An issue with the filled box draw is also fixed. The fill box calculation to work out the width and height of the box was incorrect and both the width and height needed to be incremented by 1.

This version has a RX buffer size of 200 bytes rather than 256 as was the case in the original version. The original was skillfully packed down to the last byte of RAM. The fix for bitblt introduce another variable which has increased the stack size forcing the RX buffer to be decreased in size. This should not be an issue when run with XON/XOFF which is really the only way to run this device reliably.

The README notes have been cleaned up and additional notes have been added on how to program the Sparkfun Serial GLCD Backpack using an Arduino UNO. The Makefile is configured to use the Arduino for programming.

Jon Green 2015-03-20 / E-mail jon at this site address.



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